Ingredients for Bami Goreng

    serves 4

 - 9 oz - 250 gr.  Medium Egg noodles

 - 3½ oz - 100 gr. Diced Chicken breast

 - ½ Chinese Cabbage

 - 1 carrot

 - 1 medium Onion

 - 1 Small leek

 - 2 Cloves of Garlic

 - 1 tsp. Kecab Manis

 - 1 tsp. Sambal Ulek

 - 3 tbs.  Olive Oil

 - salt and pepper


Boil the noodles, using the instructions on the packet.

Rinse and set aside.

Heat your wok and add the oil.

Stir-fry the diced Onion and Garlic for 1 min.

Add the strips of chicken, prawns, trassi and sambal ulek and fry for a further 3 min.

Add the finely sliced carrots, sliced Chinese cabbage and leek and fry for 4 more min.

Add the Noodles and Ketjap Manis. Use pepper and salt as needed and stir-fry for a further 4 min.

Serve hot



Bami Goreng

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Bami Goreng Recipe

Bami Goreng