Ingredients for Sugar Waffles:

for 8 waffles:

    - 5 g - 1 tbsp Dried yeast

    - 70 ml  - 0,3 cup lukewarm milk

    - 200 gr (7,14 oz flour), plus

    - 1 egg

    - 100 g  - 3,6 oz  butter

    - 115g (10,71 oz) pearl sugar

    - 1 pinch of salt

How to make Sugar Waffles:

Mix the flour, salt and vanilla sugar in a large bowl.

Make a well in the center and pour the melted butter into the milk with the yeast and the beaten egg.

Mix well with a flexible spatula until a smooth dough.

Stir in the pearl sugar with a spatula into the batter to mix everything well. Divide into 8 balls. Cover with a cloth and leave for 30 min. to rise in a warm place.

Bring the waffle iron on a medium temperature. .

Brush the center of the plate with a little melted butter and put on each side a ball of dough and fry until golden.

Use a fork to remove the waffles from the iron and then let them cool a little on a rack.

Serve preferably warm.


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