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A cold  Beet Soup Recipe

Lithuanian Saltibarsciai Soup

Tastyfood - Recipes

Ingredients for Lithuanian saltibarsciai Soup:

Serves 4 - 6

- 1 lb - 450g beets, peeled and shredded

- 4 cups - 1l buttermilk

- 1 large English cucumber - peeled, quartered, and sliced

- 1 bunch chives, minced

- 1 bunch fresh dill, minced

- 4 eggs

- Salt & Black Pepper

How to make Lithuanian Saltibarsciai Soup:

Cook the eggs in water.

Cool the eggs under cold running water in the sink. Peel and chop the eggs.

Pour the buttermilk into a large bowl, add the eggs, beets, cucumber, chives, and dill.

Stir gently to combine.

Seasnon with salt and pepper.

Chill in refrigerator for 1 full day before serving.