Ingredients for Mushroom Soup:

Serves 4 - 6

- 4¼ cups - 1l of water with 2 chicken bouillon cubes or chicken sotck

- 500 g ( 1,1lb) mushrooms

- 1 onion

- butter

- ½ l (2,1 cups) milk

- 2 tablespoons flour

- 1 tablespoon dry sherry (optional)

- pepper and salt


Preparation Mushroom Soup:

Wash the mushrooms thoroughly and cut them into pieces.

Cut the onion finely.

Put some oil in a pan and saute the onion with the mushrooms.

Stir the flour into the mushroom mixture.

Add the milk, stirring and stir until everything is linked.

Add the water and chicken bouillon cubes or chicken stock and cook the whole 30 min.

Mix the soup and season with salt and pepper.

Add if you like the sherry.



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Mushrooms Soup

Mushrooms Soup Recipe