Tagine with chicken
Tagine with fish and vegetables
Tajine with potatoes and carrots


With a tagine you can prepare the most delicious stews.

In the typical high summit of North African cooking pot, the vapor condenses while stewing.

This ensures that your stew constantly wetted and continue all the flavors and aromas in the pot.

Before you use the Tajine for the first time, you have to boil down to prevent them from going to break!

Submerge the tagine overnight completely under water.

Grease the dish and lid once on the inside with sunflower oil. Fill the bowl with water and leave them about half an hour to warm up on the stove at a low ebb.

The oil and water then pulls in ceramics and makes them less porous. How to make tagine ready for unlimited use. If you do not do this, the shell may break. If you do not use the tagine often leave him for an hour in advance what soaking.

With the tagine you can cook on a gas stove, an electric stove (always put the dish on a large burner, but on a low heat), on the bbq and most traditional ovens. But beware: not preheat!

After use, you should always leave the tagine to cool slowly and surely not play immediately in cold water. The large temperature swings can also cause cracks in this case.

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