Ingredients for Tempura Soba Soup:

For 6 persons:

 - 4 cup - 0,9l Dashi

 - ¼ tsp salt

 - 2 Tbsp Soy Sauce

 - 3 tbsp mirin

 - 2 Tbsp Sake

 - 7 oz - 200g dried Soba noodles

 - 4 green onions, thinly cut Shichine Togarashi (hot pepper powder)

Shrimp Tempura

- 4 large shrimp

- ½ cup - 65g cake flour

- ½ tsp baking powder

- salt

- ½ cup- 120ml water with 1-2 ice cubes frying oil

How to make Tempura Soba Soup:

Heat Dashi in a large saucepan and add salt, Soy Sauce, Mirin, Sake and bring to a boil.

Cover and keep it warm.

Make shrimp Tempura.

Remove shells from shrimp, and make small cuts on the inner side.

In a medium bowl, mix cake flour, baking powder and salt together, add ice water, and stir with chopsticks a few times.

Do not over mix.

Dip shrimps in the batter and deep fry at high temperature at 356°F -180°C until cooked. Set aside.

Cook dried Soba noodles according to the package. Add cooked Soba to the hot soup and let it simmer for a minute.

Divide noodles and soup into bowls, place cooked Tempura on top, and sprinkle on the chopped green onion. Add Shichimi if you like.



Tempura Soba Soup

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Japanees Tempura Soba Soup Recipe

Tempura Soba Soup